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Phillips Space Systems (PSS) is a privately owned Space technology start-up that intents to offer integrated systems in the following areas :

Alternate Non-Chemical Propulsion Systems for both Space and Earth lift Technologies.

Solar Electric Systems
MHD solar sails
Mag-lev catapults

Recent Developments
indication of interest due July 5 300 Kilowatt solar electric propulsion project Phillips Space Systems (PSS) proposes a MHD Solar Sail as a propulsion system for NASA asteroid belt missions. We envision this propulsion system to be activated as a craft is lifted to lower Earth orbit slightly ahead of the Sun Ascension in the launch hemisphere. As the craft nears apogee the MHD solar sail is activated. The sail is larger than the craft and the polarity of the sail matches the inbound solar wind. The craft is picked up in the solar wind like a cork in a wave and ….

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